Our Team

Core Staff

CEO:  Jeremy James jeremy@glypt.co.uk

Executive Director: Mary Rose mary@glypt.co.uk

General Manager: Courtney-Therese Lenoir courtneytherese@glypt.co.uk 

Production Manager: Jane Mackintosh jane@glypt.co.uk

Participation Manager: Scarlett Spiro-Beazley scarlett@glypt.co.uk

Community Engagement Manager: Conor Hunt conor@glypt.co.uk

Producer (Progression): Chris Williams chris@glypt.co.uk

Administration & Marketing Assistant: Hannah Joyce hannah@glypt.co.uk

Community Engagement Assistant: Tom Jousselin tom@glypt.co.uk

Whatever Youth Arts Admin Assistant: Daniel Ward Nixon inclusion@glypt.co.uk

Youth Theatre Coordinator: Rebecca Tublia-Ntete rebecca@glypt.co.uk

Core Staff Board of Trustees 

Alyson McGarrigle (Chair)
Howard Binysh (Treasurer)
Richard Cowley
Pippa Guard
Veda Harrison
Kerri Newns
Rebecca Hand
Mark Senior
Cllr Jackie Smith
Martha Findlay

Development Board

Matthew Pennycook MP (Chair)
Royce Bell
Daniel Goodwin
Marcel Kay
Stuart Rankine

Progression’s Young Creative Board

Angela Legg (Chair)
Letizia Binda-Partensky (Deputy Chair)
Michaela Mackenzie (Chair of Events Committee), Oluchi Nwabuwa, Alexandra Donnachie, Tomi Ogbaro, Jamie Hind, Vicky Olusanya, Marsha Turner and Jamal Johnson

For more information on our Young Creative Board click here

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