Vision & Aims


  • To create theatre that explores the world in which young people live, challenging, questioning and raising possibilities for change
  • To create a range of participatory opportunities for young people to experience the power and expression of enjoyment through theatre
  • To give young people the opportunity to produce quality theatre and to achieve their artistic potential through showcasing and performance
  • To build confidence and self-esteem in young  people, and to give them the ability to work cooperatively
  • Through drama and the arts, to empower young people who are marginalized in society, hard-to-reach or are at risk of exclusion.
  •  To give those who may have limited access to the arts a chance to make them      integral to their lives
  • To nurture the talent and skills of young people, in particular emerging young artists
  • To engage parents and carers of the young people with whom we work, in the life of the company
  • To engage the local community in theatre  performances and participatory projects
  • To actively encourage and reflect equality and  diversity in all our work

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