Curriculum – Topic: Literacy

  • Shakespeare: KS2, 3 & 4

    For an introduction to Shakespeare, or a practical exploration of a specific text, we can provide accessible and exciting workshops to bring his work to life.

    We work with a team of talented actors with experience of performing Shakespeare on stage.  We can work with students of any age and will use a range of drama games and exercises to explore the language, characters and performance of these plays.

  • Speaking & Listening: KS4

    We can run a dynamic day-long residency that delivers the GCSE English speaking and listening unit for up to 90 students per day.  Actors facilitate a day-long workshop whilst your staff assess their students’ speaking and listening skills.

    Students take part in extended role play, and through the day will demonstrate their ability to listen to each other and discuss issues abd present their ideas in a dynamic and dramatic context.

    Programme developed with  Year 11 students from John Roan School, Greenwich.

  • Loud and Clear: Nursery to KS2

    Following on from two acclaimed projects, developed in partnership with the NHS and Newcastle University, this programme works with small groups of young people with speech and language disorders and EAL (English as an additional language) needs to increase speech and language skills, and to support language acquisition.

    The programme also includes an element of teacher training.

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