Inclusion – Topic: Refugees & asylum seekers

  • Voices

    GLYPT’s Voices project was a highly-acclaimed programme of creative work for young migrants, regugees and asylum-seekers, spanning 8 years.  Using drama, theatre and arts projects to enable  creative expression and development in young refugees, asylum seekers and  exiles living in Greenwich, Lewisham and beyond, whose opportunities have been  limited through poverty, ignorance, fear and discrimination. It pioneered work in this field, and led the way with similar models,  but it has also consistently continued to develop, deliver and sustain  innovative and needs-responsive activities for young people.

    Significant Voices projects included:

    HeadstArt (out of school language development programme for ages 11+)

    Inspirational Drama (an integrated youth theatre for all).

    School residencies (EAL)

    Theatre: Mud City, Inside Out.

    Films and Teacher resources: Moving Here, Only Human.

    Flightpaths (training programme for newly arrived artists looking to work in the art / education sector).

    Empower All Festival (Celebrating refugees and new communities)