Brothers (part of CHOICES)

In the play ‘Brothers’ we meet a pair of 2nd generation Nigerian twins growing up in the streets of London. Ken, with his traditional ideas and values, is becoming increasingly alienated from Tai, who lives by the ethics of the street. It’s a complex and potentially dangerous sibling rivalry where anger, violence and membership of a polarised street culture clash with family loyalty.

It is a partnership with SCO19 of the Met Police and their Operation Makepeace programme and Families United (a collective of families who have all been closely affected by violent crime).  It is a really thought provoking and powerful set of presentations that schools have been feeding back as having a profound impact on their young people.

NEW TOUR DATES –     Jan – Feb 2014

The programme aims to raise awareness about gang culture and youth violence for young people.

It is aimed at years 8 – 10 and consists of performances, workshops and two presentations.

Over the last three years we have toured the CHOICES programme to schools, colleges, PRUs and Youth Offending Services across London, and have received exceptional feedback from staff and students.

“This play forces young people to confront the hazards that they will face if they make the wrong decisions”    School Community PC (Feb 2012)

Demand is high so please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or on 020 8854 1316.

Logistics of the programme:

  • We work with up to 180 students per day.
  • The cost for the day is £120

Structure of the Day:

  • All students engage with the Police and Families United in the morning (1 hr & 45 mins)
  • The group then split and half see the play/workshop (90 mins) pre-lunch and then the other 60 pupils see the play/workshop (90 mins) post lunch.

Below are ideal times but we can work around your timetable. If this is an issue please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can try and work around your spacing.

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Watch some clips of the play on YouTube here: