England is at civil war. Caleb, who has been used to a life with play-stations and television and football, suddenly finds himself without parents, fleeing from his home with thousands of other refugees. As he struggles to find a safe place in a war-torn country, he meets Tricks, an older boy who offers him food and shelter and a chance to stay safe with the protection of his ‘gang’ of children.

But when Tricks hands him a gun, and offers him the chance to be a man and avenge the death of his brother, he discovers that being strong is more complicated and frightening than he thought. Will he stay with Tricks and fight a war he doesn’t understand, or is there another way to be safe?

This is hard-hitting theatre that draws parallels between global conflict, human rights and crime on London’s streets. Participating children will have the opportunity to explore for themselves the temptation of violence, and ways to challenge and resist it.

IMAGINE will cover curriculum PSHE topics of rights and responsibilities, refugees and global awareness. Children will have the opportunity to take part in drama, creative writing and roll play, in a creative learning experience with a difference.