Tibetan and Mongolian Nomadic Music Event

If you have not been to Tibet or Mongolia, and you still want to see and feel these two giant worlds of traditional and nomadic songs and music, this event could be your golden chance to experience them at your doorstep. Why miss it?

This great event is jointly organized by well-known artists: Bat-Erdene Victor Nyamdavaa, Tamding Arts and Ngawang Lodup. Victor is one of the most famous Mongolian throat singers, Horsehead fiddle and Jew harp player at Nomadic Tunes. He appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and travels around the world to excite his fans with his great performances.

Tamding Arts is a multitalented Tibetan Artist from Tibet, based in the States, known as the first Tibetan tattoo artist. His tattooing arts, numerous music albums and outstanding talents in acting recognized internationally and he travels around the world to showcase his tattoo arts and music. He was gifted into painting since young and he plays Tibetan drum, flute, guitar so on.

Ngawang Lodup is a renowned Tibetan nomadic singer, he has been to many major world music festivals singing Tibetan traditional acapella as well as contemporary folk songs accompanied by a uniquely created Tibetan musical instrument. He was featured on BBC’s one of the emerging new artists of 2015.

These three wonderfully talented artists will perform exciting and soothing solo songs, and as a group to create an exceptional environment of performing arts for the audience to mesmerize and enjoy.

It is an event not to miss, and the coming together of these three highly regarded artists is a rare thing to get hold of. Tickets are limited and will go fast, grab yours early to make sure you have a seat in advance.