Sounds of the World #5

Night (Nepali folk)

Haymanot Tesfa & Ansuman Biswas (Ethiopian folk)

Sounds of the World brings critically acclaimed global musicians to Woolwich, creating a platform to share live music with local audiences. Join us on August the 18th for the fifth event in the series and experience a night of explosive rhythms and hypnotic melody lines that will take you out of London and around the world.

The headline performance comes from the Night; a Kathmandu-based folk band who focus on reviving lost and endangered Nepali instruments, creating new sounds rooted in Nepali heritage. The people, places and cultures of Nepal are their greatest inspiration.

“Enthralling energy and poignancy”

– Himalayan News

The second act of the evening comes from Amharic singer and traditional krar player (Ethiopian lyre) Haymanot Tesfa, accompanied by percussionist Ansuman Biswas. Haymanot’s music is inspired by the ancient landscapes and meditative social & religious music of her Ethiopian roots. The sound of Haymanot’s voice is fearless and intensely experimental.

Audiences are invited to interact with the artists after the performances through a live Q&A session, providing an opportunity to learn about the performers’ artistic journeys and musical styles.

Food will be available to buy at the event so don’t eat first!