Sounds of the World #3 (Jhuma Limbu, Yaz Fentazi and Robyn Hemmings, The Mysticism of Anatolian & Alevi Folk Music)


Sounds of the World #3

(with Jhuma Limbu, Yaz Fentazi and Robyn Hemmings, The Mysticism of Anatolian & Alevi Folk Music)

Live Music and Q&A

Saturday 3rd March 2018


Join us for a night of explosive rhythms and hypnotic melody lines that will take you out of London and around the world.

Sounds of the World brings critically acclaimed global musicians to Woolwich, providing a platform to share live music, culture and food with local audiences.

Audiences are invited to interact with the artists after the performances through a live Q&A session, providing an opportunity to learn about the performers’ artistic journeys and musical styles.


Live performances from:

Yaz Fentazi and Robyn Hemmings

North African/Middle Eastern Jazz /Blues/Classical

Yaz Fentazi and Robyn Hemmings create for their audience a magical sense of ‘travelling’ in their minds with their colourful and rich music that draws on the vast traditions of jazz, blues, classical and North African/Middle Eastern music.

Built around their original compositions, the duo’s irresistible grooves and vibrant full sound create a sizzling party atmosphere.They have appeared many times on BBC radio and TV, have performed at festivals including Glastonbury, Womad and the Ealing jazz festival as well as internationally.

The Mysticism of Anatolian & Alevi Folk Music

Turkish folk music

In this performance, musicians Huseyin Kaplan and Dursun Can Cakin will be joined by an ensemble featuring Cem Tuncer (bass), Erdal Unsalan (bağlama /saz), Gizem Altinordu (percussion), and Serkan Cakmak (kaval flute) as they perform traditional music from Anatolian and Alevi deyiş folk music.

The bağlama or saz (a plucked folk lute) is considered to be an emblem of Anatolian culture. The name comes from the Turkish “bağlamak”, “to tie”, referring to the frets tied to the neck of the instrument. Alevism is a belief system found mainly in Anatolia, parts of the Balkans and Central Asia. Alevi religious services, known as cem, include spiritual exercises incorporating elements of deyiş (oral statements) and semah (ritual dance). Both are accompanied by sung mystical poetry and the bağlama.

Jhuma Limbu

Nepali folk music

Jhuma Limbu is a brilliant Nepali singer and researcher. Over the last decade Jhuma has trained in classical and western musical traditions and is passionate about researching the folk music of Nepal, in particular the Limbu Tribes from far- eastern regions. Her work aims to preserve and transfer knowledge of Nepali folk music and human civilization to the new generation. Jhumpa Limbu will be supported by Namlo.


TICKETS £10.00



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Hosted in partnership between Ganga Thapa and Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre