Sounds of the World #4 (Urban Sound, Nogabe Randriamalala)

Sounds of the World #4

(with Urban Sound, and Nogabe Randriamalala)

Live Music and Q&A

Saturday 26th May 2018


Sounds of the World brings critically acclaimed global musicians to Woolwich, providing a platform to share live music, culture and food with local audiences.

Audiences are invited to interact with the artists after the performances through a live Q&A session, providing an opportunity to learn about the performers artistic journeys and musical styles.

Join us for a night of explosive rhythms and hypnotic melody lines that will take you out of London and around the world.


Live performances from:

Urban Sound

Asian Music Group Urban Sound is a collaboration between percussionists Jihye Kim and Beibei Wang, and pianist Belle Chen – three of London’s most exciting young musicians who have been pushing the boundaries across experimental, world, and classical music genres.

They will take you on journey to the Far East through a dynamic and kaleidoscopic performance; where Korean and Chinese traditional music meets improvisation, avant-garde, experimentalism and sound design.

Nogabe Randriamalala

African, Asian and Europe cultures and music styles have co-existed for centuries on the island of Madagascar. This unusual melting pot has produced many beautiful melodies, and guitarists like Nogabe Randriamalala have helped create a style unique to the Island. Nogabe was born and raised in Madagascar, and also lived in China for many years, where he added more diverse influences to his musical style.

He is now based in London and his music continues to evolve and mature. His most recent album Aftra marks a return to more traditional Malagasy rhythms, such as the Salegy and Tsapika styles. Nogabe works in a trio from guitars and percussion .

“The acoustic guitar is Nogabe’s weapon of choice and he makes it sound unlike it does anywhere else … its spotless, bell-clear tone is matched by a dazzling agility and liquidity that millions of bedroom singer-songwriters could only dream of “ Womad Festival 2009