The Voyage of La Sibylle

Family Arts Festival- 

‘La Sibylle’, the oracle of Delphi, is a legendary female prophetess, who is being transported on a cart, in a birdcage, stacked high on a pile of suitcases by her faithful servant Betty. These carny characters are seeking the counter curse to restore her body with her head that Apollo so wickedly stole. Betty, who is easily distracted by modern life, explores her surroundings and tells the tale of her mistress’s woes. The audience are asked to go seek out strange things to put together to create a remedy that will break the curse. La Sibylle’s frustration shows, being at the whim of Betty’s frivolous and inquisitive nature. The Oracle finds herself confined and powerless on one hand and yet excited and enthused on another.


‘The Voyage of La Sibylle’ is a comical and magical illusion, which gives the audience a chance to interact with two peculiar carny folk who have stepped out of the 1930’s and are wandering around in the 21st Century.