Show status: Current production

  • Sounds of the World #5

    The Tramshed, 51-53 Woolwich New Road, SE18 6ES

    all ages

    Night (Nepali folk)

    Haymanot Tesfa & Ansuman Biswas (Ethiopian folk)

    Sounds of the World brings critically acclaimed global musicians to Woolwich, creating a platform to share live music with local audiences. Join us on August the 18th for the fifth event in the series and experience a night of explosive rhythms and hypnotic melody lines that will take you out of London and around the world.

    The headline performance comes from the Night; a Kathmandu-based folk band who focus on reviving lost and endangered Nepali instruments, creating new sounds rooted in Nepali heritage. The people, places and cultures of Nepal are their greatest inspiration.

    “Enthralling energy and poignancy”

    – Himalayan News

    The second act of the evening comes from Amharic singer and traditional krar player (Ethiopian lyre) Haymanot Tesfa, accompanied by percussionist Ansuman Biswas. Haymanot’s music is inspired by the ancient landscapes and meditative social & religious music of her Ethiopian roots. The sound of Haymanot’s voice is fearless and intensely experimental.

    Audiences are invited to interact with the artists after the performances through a live Q&A session, providing an opportunity to learn about the performers’ artistic journeys and musical styles.

    Food will be available to buy at the event so don’t eat first!

    Venue: The Tramshed, 51-53 Woolwich New Road, SE18 6ES

    Dates: 18th August 2018

    Times: doors at 7pm

    Price: £10 adults / £7 students

  • The Isle of Brimsker

    The Tramshed, 51-53 Woolwich New Road, SE18 6ES

    ages 13+

    A lighthouse keeper lives on a desolate outcrop surrounded by stormy seas. Duty bound to maintain the light that guides boats away from danger, she lives a solitary existence. Until one day a runaway lands on the shore and together they face the inevitable. Change is on the horizon but not in the form she expects.

    How do you survive when faced with the biggest decisions of your life? Would you change the world or change yourself?

    A new multi-sensory story from Frozen Light, specialists in making theatre for audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities.


    “The way the show is so carefully tailored to the audience’s needs provides a vital reminder that theatre can accommodate everyone.” ★ ★ ★ ★ The Stage

    Commissioned by Harlow Playhouse, The Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre, Bordon; Vivacity Key Theatre, Peterborough. With support from Arts Council England; house; The Garage Norwich; and The Point Eastleigh.

    Venue: The Tramshed, 51-53 Woolwich New Road, SE18 6ES

    Dates: 27th October 2018

    Times: 1.30pm

    Price: £10 audience members / £5 family and friends / FREE carers and companions

  • Hannah and Hanna in Dreamland

    The Tramshed

    ages 14+

    Summer 1999. Margate’s beaches are packed with day-trippers…. and its hotels filled with Kosovan asylum seekers – including Hanna (Celia Meiras), a survivor of Europe’s most recent genocide. Hannah (Lisa Payne) is from Margate and bored with life in the rundown seaside town – hanging out with her boyfriend Bull and his prejudiced mates. The only things the two sixteen year olds have in common are their names and their love of singing along to their favourite pop songs….


    Sixteen years later, Hanna returns to Margate – this time in search of a Syrian girl she befriended in Kosovo and who may have succeeded in getting across the Channel. The Calais ‘Jungle’ is close and attempts by its residents to reach England fill the local media. Hanna hopes her young friend will be welcome in Margate, but although the town has changed, alongside the coffee bars and vintage shops, there is still an undercurrent of hostility towards the migrants and refugees who are so desperate to enter the UK.


    Just as in 1999, when Hanna’s arrival turned Hannah’s life upside down, so her return takes the friends on a journey which Hannah from Margate would not have thought possible.


    Hannah and Hanna in Dreamland builds on John Retallack’s award winning earlier play, Hannah and Hanna, which has been performed extensively both nationally and internationally.


    “couldn’t be more topical….. gets right to the heart of the tensions that arise in depressed communities when refugees arrive. It’s funny and sad….. with head butting toughness.”  The Guardian


    Writer: John Retallack

    Venue: The Tramshed

    Dates: Tuesday 30th October

    Times: 7pm

    Price: £8 adults / £6 child/student/concession